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👋 Hi, I'm Bryan and the founder of Minimal. You might know me as @PocketBryan on Twitter.

In July 2021, I quit my dream job at Amazon to pursue my life-long goal of running my own successful software company. Minimal is what I am devoting my every-waking-moment to, so I hope you enjoy it and let me know what I can improve to make it better for you!

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Sep 4, 2021

As any new parent can tell you, their baby is the cutest thing they've ever seen. From the moment reality hits you and you realize that you are now responsible for the health and safety of another human being, it becomes nearly impossible to see anything other than an adorable little face staring back up at you. For friends and family, however, your baby looks just like every other newborn baby. Of course they won't tell you that, but it's true. Oh sure, grandma will tell you how beautiful her ne...

Sep 4, 2021

I have had a lot of managers in my 20 years as a software engineer. There are some I look back on with complete adoration. I would follow them anywhere and gladly work through the night on a critical project if they asked me to. Then there are others that I would rather quit than work for. I've worked for brilliant jerks and lovable idiots. Sometimes you put up with the brilliant jerks for awhile because although they're a pain to work with, they get results. Sometimes you put up with the lovable...

Sep 4, 2021

Prior to the pandemic, my team and I would go out to lunch as a team at least once a month. Once a quarter (at least), we would find some fun thing to do around the office. One time we went to a VR place where we could all play the same "tower defence" game together and had a blast. Another time, we rented human-sized inflatable hamster balls and played soccer. As the manager of the team, they had their chance to legitimately send me flying, and they did... many times. But when the pandemic happ...

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