Welcome to Gamify

Welcome to Gamify!

I'm Danny, the solo creator of Gamify. If you are reading this, you likely signed up for the Gamify beta at some point over the past few months and were interested in adding gamification features to your app or website. Thanks! I'm writing to give everyone an update on how things are coming along and what to expect.

First things first: this is an application created by an Indie Hacker (and I'm guessing there's a good chance that's how you discovered it in the first place). Things are going to move slower than a capitalized startup. However, this will allow me to commit to the following core principles of the project:

  • Minimal (and ideally zero) data collection on users
  • Revenue from paying customers, not ads or investors
  • Developer ease of use

More concretely, the beta program will launch in the coming months with the first feature: Points and Leveling. An admin site will allow you to create a linear, quadratic, or custom leveling system and then award points to users with API calls to Gamify from your backend. At launch I am planning to include all API calls in SDKs for NodeJS and Ruby. This will likely constitute the Free plan going forward, with a paid version including Rewards, Badges, Leaderboards, Contests, and other features. All beta participants will receive several months of the paid plan for free once the beta period concludes.

I'll also be adding case studies to the main website at gamifyhq.com to detail how other applications use gamification features to increase user engagement and activity.

I'm looking forward to embarking on this journey with all of you.

Danny @ Gamify

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