Managing Your Subscription

See when you will be billed next

If you are subscribed to the Audience Builder plan and want to know when your next billing cycle will begin, you go to your Subscription page. You will see a message that says "Your next charge will occur xx days from now".

Canceling your subscription

If you decide that Minimal isn't right for you, we don't want to make it a pain for you to cancel your subscription. To be candid, we hope you come back some day, so it's as easy as two quick clicks to cancel your subscription.

Simply log in and go to your Subscription page. You will see a "Cancel Subscription" button that you can tap. Once you tap the "Cancel Subscription" button, you'll see a confirmation prompt to make sure you meant to cancel (we don't want you to accidentally cancel if you didn't mean to). Once you confirm, your subscription will be canceled at the end of your current billing cycle and we'll send you a confirmation email.

As always, you don't have to tell us why you're canceling, but we would absolutely love to know what we can do better, so please consider responding to the cancellation email and letting us know.