Updating Your Profile

Your profile is a chance to tell people about you. It appears on your profile page (minimal.blog/@your_username) and beneath every article you publish.

To view or edit your profile, tap on the ☰ menu button on the top-left corner of any page, and then tap on the "Your Profile" link.

On your profile, you can tap on the "Edit your profile" link to make changes.

Your profile settings allow you to change three things:

  1. Your name: This is what people see as your name below each article (for example, Jane Doe)
  2. Your username: This is what people see in the URL for articles on your personal blog (for example, minimal.blog/@jane_doe/my-amazing-article)
  3. About You: This is where you can tell people about you, your interests, where else to find you online, etc.

Changing your username

If you decide to change your username, you can do so on your edit profile page. Your username must be unique, so we will check whether it is already taken before you can change it.

If you change your username, the URLs of any articles on your personal blog will change as well (for example, if your username changes from @janedoe to @msamazing, your article at minimal.blog/@jane_doe/my-amazing-article will now be at minimal.blog/@ms_amazing/my-amazing-article. But don't worry, we'll take care of sending anyone that goes to the old URL to the new one, automatically.

Updating your "About You" information

Your "About You" section can have up to 500 characters, and allows simple Markdown. This may be useful for pointing people to your Twitter account, for example.

Do not abuse this section with spammy links or inappropriate content. We reserve the right to edit your profile if you are not using it in good faith.