Writing Articles on Minimal

Minimal makes writing pleasant and distraction-free.

The editor is where you'll do all of your writing and editing. Here's a screenshot:


Notice that you only see four things on the screen:

  1. The editor itself, where you can write and format your article easily with Markdown
  2. A "Preview" toggle to let you see how your article looks in real-time, as you work.
  3. A settings panel, where you can change the publishing (immediate vs. scheduled) and visibility (public vs. unlisted) settings, and
  4. The bottom bar, where you can keep an eye on your word count and save your progress.

That's it!

You can even take it a step further and make your browser go full-screen for a truly immersive and distraction-free experience.


To help you from losing your work, Minimal will auto-save your draft articles once every 10 seconds.

Auto-save only works when you are in "draft" mode (before you publish your article), so that you don't unintentionally make a change to an article that is already published.

You can also hit the "save" button to save your changes at any time, whether your article is already published or not.

Saving and Updating

If your article is already published, any changes you make will automatically appear on your published article once you hit the "save" button. If you need to make a change to an already-published article, just make them in the editor and hit "save". Easy!

If your article is not yet published, you can save your changes by simply hitting the "save" button. We'll also auto-save your progress every 10 seconds.


For a more detailed summary of your publishing options, see the Publishing Help page.

At a high level, you have the following options when publishing your article:

  1. If you are subscribed to the Audience Builder plan, you can choose to either publish an article immediately, or schedule it for later.
  2. You can choose to either make your article publicly visible, or unlisted (only visible to people you send the link to).
  3. You can turn "story mode" on and off, which gives your long-form and narrative articles a sophisticated look by adding a drop-cap and indented paragraphs (like a chapter book).
  4. If you are subscribed to the Audience Builder plan and have more than one blog, you can choose which blog an article belongs to.
  5. If you have published your article, you can choose to unpublish or delete it.

Formatting Options

Minimal supports all major Markdown options, including:




> blockquote

function helloWorld() {
    return "code with syntax highlighting";

inline `code blocks`

# Heading 1

## Heading 2

### Heading 3

  1. Ordered
  2. Lists
  • Unordered
  • Lists
tables and columns
cell 1 cell 2
cell 3 cell 4

and links

Your Drafts

Your articles will not be visible to anyone else until you click that "Publish" button, so you can work on them and keep them in your drafts folder for as long as you'd like. In fact, we encourage it. When you get a new idea, drop your raw thoughts in a new draft so you can come back to it later!


Writing is at the core of what makes Minimal great, so if you have any questions or need help in any way, please let us know.